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NDTR Policy - Audio & Video Talk Shows

New Day Talk Radio is a firm believer in the first amendment, and NDTR encourages any type of program as long as there is no hate speak. NDTR  welcomes programs that cover a wide range of topics. An example of potential  programming includes: automotive, maintenance, consumer affairs, sports talk, movie reviews, politics, comedy,  Indie music variety shows, spiritual discussions, etc. If you have a show idea then we want to hear it, and so do others!

We are looking for Hosts who have something to share and a passion to share it on internet talk radio. We will provide a supportive, healthy environment in which to produce and air your show.

We provide a communication platform for people to give information and advice to the public based on their experience, knowledge and expertise.

Audio Show

The pricing is designed to jump start your career on radio and there are no long commitments, year-long contracts to fill out or obligations. 

Just $50.00 gets you on your way. That’s right - that is not a typo. $50.00 gets you one hour (50 minutes air time) of broadcasting.

This offer is only for a limited time. If you sign up now you can lock in this $50.00/hour (50 minutes air time) introductory offer. Pay in advance and get an even greater discount!!! So, what's the catch?

Video Show

New Day Talk Radio now offers a radio video talk show. Our video shows are professionally produced with titles, two camera and video commercials. Video shows are$100.00 per show.
Video shows are also 50 minutes. More time is available for both audio and video shows.

We expect YOU to produce a quality show worthy of NEW DAY TALK RADIO STATION.


We command the utmost level of professionalism. That's not to say we are going to put a damper on your internet talk radio show, but we do want it to be lively, fun, educational and entertaining. 

If you find this as exciting as we do and have the urge to be heard, the passion to live your dream - fill out the form to the right. When you’re ready we're here for you.

NEW DAY TALK RADIO: "Where Everyday Is A New Day!"

Mike Parlett