Who's Perfect


Juanita Moore-Moffett, through the grace of God orchestrated the Homeless Ministry in the Downtown Skid Row area, chaired Women's seminars, and was Key Note speaker for sister congregations with topics as "Preparing God's Women, "About My Father's Business:, "Combating Addiction" to name a few.  Presently, she is involved in motivational speaking in divers avenues,  targeting youth and adults young and seasoned on subjects that plague their lives today such as drug use, human trafficking, spousal and child abuse to name a few.  Her goal is to continually work diligently to give a Godly antidote for the poisons that are capturing our minds and bodies today.

 “What’s the point of coming out of the dark If you can’t reach back and touch the lives of those still in chains of darkness”, she passionately spews out; and it is from this same passion that Omnipresent, “seeing God in everything” was born that spearheadedthe newly developed talk show, “Who’s Perfect” designed to reach the masses of women in how to successfully delete the mask we wear.

“All of the above could not be accomplished without my Lord guiding the steps, she says, and the ultimate passion is watching Him work, bringing it all together.” 

To Him Be the Glory!!