New Day Team


The Major - Lynette Jones

Major LYNETTE JONES is a proud Los Angelino native and delights in the diversity of the city and everything the city offers!!   NDTR is a Veteran owned business.  Major Jones has served 4 tours of duty overseas: 2 in Iraq, 1 in Kuwait, and 1 in Afghanistan. In addition to New Day Talk Radio, Lynette also serves in the Army Reserves.  She takes pride in running  a tight and successful business as she begins her 8th year in delivering interesting and diverse programming at New Day Talk Radio.

Irene Mink

 Irene Mink is  a consummate professional. She provides Business/Personal Coaching Services to meet the challenges of today's rapidly/ever changing workplace and social environments.  An effective and strategic communicator, Irene enjoys a broad, professional international business background and is also known as the "eye"/ or "To Be Minked"/ Stylist/Personal Branding Expert, and Coach. "First Impressions count!" "We inform one another by what we see, how we communicate and by our personal conduct". "Technology has quickened the pace and heightened our receptors."  Irene brings a wealth of knowledge to New Day Talk Radio.