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The Colonel

Lynette Jones

Colonel LYNETTE JONES is a proud Los Angelino native and delights in the diversity of the city and everything the city offers!! NDTR is a Veteran owned business. Colonel Jones has served 4 tours of duty overseas: 2 in Iraq, 1 in Kuwait, and 1 in Afghanistan. In addition to New Day Talk Radio, Lynette also serves in the Army Reserves. She takes pride in running a tight and successful business as she begins her 11th year in delivering interesting and diverse programming at New Day Talk Radio.

The Colonel airs On Demand:

Fayetteville, Jan 21, 2019 ( – The faith-based NC film, Kandace Queen, will premiere at the Country Club Church of Christ in Fayetteville on Saturday, January 26th. Spring Lake resident, Lynette Jones stars in the short film which she wrote, directed, edited and produced. Jones hand-selected notable NC actors for her passion project including Fayetteville residents Justin Toyer and Shaun McMillan. Toyer is well known for his work at the Gilbert Theater while McMillan recently worked alongside the great Clint Eastwood in The Mule. Makeda Francisco,(Los Angeles) who appears in the film as Cleopatra, has been the backup singer for Tenna Marie as well as lead singer for the famous group, Rose Royce, best known for their renowned hit, Car Wash.

“I wanted to create a positive film with a moral and inspirational message that would truly resonate with women everywhere. Kandace Queen highlights the value of a woman saving her virtue for a truly good and decent man. I’m genuinely excited to share a fresh perspective on such a timely topic,” said Jones.

Jones is currently serving at Fort Bragg in the US Army Reserve while advancing her film career. Kandace Queen will compete for prestigious awards and national recognition in the film festival circuit later this year.

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